Saturday Pages

What if we could hang out on Saturday mornings? PJs and bedhead always welcome! 9:00-9:30 a.m. EST on Zoom.

Saturday Pages is my no-cost, open-to-all guided journaling group. So, what we do? We say hello, I introduce a prompt, we all write in our own journals, and then we save a few minutes at the end to check in with each other. Simple. Profound. Life giving.

If you're looking for a community that's here for the grace and the hope and the healing and uses journaling as a tool for that? You're in the right place. Drop your name and email for the Zoom link + a weekly journaling email reminder here. When you do, you'll also receive access to a prerecorded guided journaling session with printable journal pages.

It'd be pure grace to see you there.


Where the wild beauty of the unexpected is resurrected in the infinite possibilities of grace.

Allison Byxbe

When we write, we name the unnameable, find a home for misplaced parts of us, build outposts for our tender places, and stitch patches over threadbare pieces.

The thread of God's presence is the most important part of my story. God’s presence has been most evident during the most difficult circumstances of my life, bringing with it a hope and joy that only God's grace can explain.

As God always does, His faithfulness has carried me, and each step of the way, He has confirmed His calling on my life to write and speak of the hope we have in Him. My absolute joy and delight is finding the presence of God through the words we write.