Saturday Pages

Join me via Zoom

Saturdays from 9:00-9:30 a.m. EST for guided journaling! Saturday Pages is designed to feel like taking a deep exhale, a way to process your week, your thoughts, and your feelings through your words. Research has shown over and over how journal writing benefits us by improving our stress reduction, time/life management, problem solving, emotional growth + healing, self-awareness, physical health, and spiritual vitality

No Cost.

Just come as you are, any Saturday you can, with a pen and journal.

just 30 min.

Each Saturday, I open with a simple introduction to the journal prompt, then everyone journals their own response to the prompt, and we have a few minutes at the end to chat about how the writing went. Sharing is always an opportunity--never an obligation, and you can have your camera and mic on or off.


Sign up here to receive the Saturday Page's Zoom link and password (it appears on the subscription confirmation page and is not sent as a separate email).  The link remains the same week to week, and as a bonus, you'll also receive my monthly Coffee + Ink newsletter, filled to the brim with journal writing prompts, tips, and resources. If you know someone else who would also enjoy Saturday Pages, please send them here to subscribe, so they can stay in the loop on Saturday Pages announcements and receive the monthly bonus newsletter.

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A life-long lover of words, Allison won her first essay contest in 5th grade, her favorite teachers in high school were always the English ones, and she went on to earn two writing degrees in college. Having taught college writing courses for 15 years, she is now a Therapeutic Writing Institute trainee and certified journaling instrutor. Because journaling has transformed her mental health and relationship to God, she aspires to inspire everyone to experience this life-giving practice. She’s a monthly contributor to The Glorious Table, was a 2022 intern for Ann Voskamp, and is married to her husband Ben, raising three amazing kids. Online you can find her at Writing is Cheaper Than Therapy, and in person, you can usually find her, coffee in hand, watching her backyard chickens.