Happy 2nd Birthday, Ansley!

In Family by Allison Byxbe

Dear Ansley,

Happy birthday, baby! Just a couple months ago I was worrying myself over your not-yet-talking ways. But, just like always, you weren’t in any hurry to impress anyone (least of all your mama). Instead, it’s like you woke up one morning and decided that was as good a morning as any to start sharing your words with us. You tell us about your boots (you’ve been living in those rain boots since we bought them) and say “I love-ee” (I love you) and scold Ree and Wu (Reed and Luke) while wagging your tiny toddler finger at them (I’m glad I have someone to help me keep those brothers in line), excitedly exclaim “puppy!!” at every dog we see, and ask repeatedly to go out the playground and ‘wing. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Oh, and people often remark on how serious you are. But, baby, just look at these pictures. Serious? Nah, that’s just your poker face.

You are smart, determined, witty, and oh-so-sweetly sassy. I can’t freeze time. And I can’t keep you from growing up and growing out of all these ways I treasure. But I can capture you, bundle you up in my words. And then let you go, let you grow, let you blossom into the beauty God has made you. Because who you are, who you will become, I’m convinced, is better than any story I could ever imagine.

Happy second birthday to you Elisabeth Ansley.

Love, Mama