Happy Birthday, Luke!

In Family by Allison Byxbe

It seems that I’m running behind in many ways these days, and wishing you this happy second birthday is no exception. You officially entered our family 730 days ago, and these hundreds upon hundreds of days have held much joy, much laughter, and much growth.

Your smile with that almost visible dimple is the look of joy. The tone of joy erupts when you exclaim “I did it, Mama! I did it!” to any numerous daily achievements. Those little arms draped around my shoulders, your head laying flush against my shoulder — that hug feels like joy.  And I know you must taste joy every time you beg for just one more berry, your favorite food.

Your laugh, that one that sounds like Boo from Monster’s Inc. The one that your daddy recorded and uses as a ring-tone. That laugh that captures the sheer incredibleness of childhood. That laugh you laugh just to see if you can make other people laugh.

Did you know that you’ve tripled in size since your birth? You’re growing tall and solid and strong. So strong, in fact, that you often insist on pulling your older and heavier by ten pounds brother around the neighborhood in your beloved wagon. I call you my work horse because you always need a task, a mission, a focus to drive you through your day. You’ve grown from a soft, warm, tiny baby into a walking, running, talking, rough-and-tumble boy. This growing is so bittersweet for your mama but inevitable I know.

Right now your constant question is “Home?” Sometimes not even fully out of the driveway, you’ll pipe up from the back seat: “Home?” as if there’s no place you’d rather be than home. Home where me, daddy, and Reed are. Home, where you play and run and stomp and yell and eat and cry and cuddle and sing and love. I pray that you have the soul of an adventurer but a heart that will always find its way home.

You are dearly loved, sweet boy!