Happy First Birthday, Luke!

In Family by Allison Byxbe

Dear Luke,

One year ago we were just getting acquainted, you all fresh and new, me learning again how to become a mama when no two babies are exactly alike. Your nana took the first flight from South Carolina that three-week early Sunday you arrived and our families here, there, and everywhere called and smiled and beamed about you.

You and your dimpled cheek and plump legs and sleepy sighs. Your daddy held my hand as the doctor worked to bring you out, and you, you became ours.

We didn’t pray the just-be-healthy prayer because we’ve learned of greater grace than that. Reed signed baby, coming brow-to-brow with your tiny face, as he snuggled you by his side for the first time. We now pray earnestly that your brother-hearts will be knit together so that you’ll always stand for and with one another.

So fitting that the name we call you means Bringer of Light. You’ve filled us up with light and laughter and smiles (and more than a few sleepless nights). Nothing brings that baby grin faster than when people talk and laugh with you. In the sometimes weariness of life, you kindle brightness and cheer in our home.

Bubba, our greatest hope for you is that you’ll grow in wisdom and grace to know the one who is Light.

Love you so, so much.