Happy 3rd Birthday, Lucas

In Family by Allison Byxbe

Happy 3rd birthday, buddy! This morning, as we sat around the breakfast table, we shared your birthday story. Your usually dancing, hoppin’, laughing self sat scarce breath and wide-eyed still as we recounted each detail of April 28, 2013. I’m not sure what you were thinking exactly but I know you were trying to understand it all, soak it in, and hear the beautiful story of how you became our second-born.

That early morning Sunday you were delivered, a good bit of dark hair circling your head, and all was well. And given our history, we exhaled thanks and peace.  There’s not a memory with you yet that isn’t colored bright by your joy. (Mamaw pegged you right through when she nicknamed you joy to the world). Your smile, your laugh, your enthusiasm, all spread wide. God knows we needed your light and your joy in this space, in this place, in our family. Somedays I try to soak you and that joy right up into my heart.

These days my favorite thing with you is to listen in on the hour of singing, laughing, reading to yourself, and trying out new “yoda” (yoga) poses that ensues after you’ve gone to bed. It’s you uninterrupted, you not quite ready for the day to end. And who would want a day filled with so much joy to end?

You fill these days conspiring with your brother, building towers, reading books, singing as loud as you possibly can, running races, filling cups, skipping dinner, naming preschool friends, being big brother, and reciting lines from your favorite read (The Book with No Pictures).

We love you, buddy!! Happy birthday to the happiest of three year olds.