The Year You Turned 6

In Family by Allison Byxbe

Reed, when I look at these pictures — all snapped moments, like a still shot calendar — I see a loyal, goofy, loving boy. You became a big brother all over again and won my heart with how kind and tender and sweet you are with Ansley Goose. You’ve made me laugh with your silly sweet faces that you pull out at a moment’s notice. You’ve shown us how much you love animals and art, and I really do long for the day you can have a puppy all your own. You’ve impressively weathered not just miles and miles of road trips this summer, you’ve tenaciously worked to adjust as our family uprooted from schools and friends and a church we loved to start a new adventure. You’ve hung in there with us and have simply blossomed into this beautifully handsome, loving boy that we have the privilege to call our oldest son. We love you, buddy! Happiest of birthdays to my silly, sweet Reed.

Love, Mama