The Sweetest Year

In Family by Allison Byxbe

Dear Ansley,

My corn silk haired baby, you have been such a joy this year! You are a mile marker to the beginning of us — our family — all new. Long nights and tired days, yes. But still joy filled because you’re here. And sometimes that joy seems to rub out a little bit of the sleepy.

I finally feel some confidence, just a little cocktail of hey-I-might-know-what-I’m-doing with this baby thing, occasionally, every once in awhile. Until I don’t and then we just figure it out all over again. We’re bursting all antsy-like, watching you do all those things babies do — crawl, investigate stairs, crinkle-nose smile at us from across the room, stand, clap, discover new tastes and textures, splash happy in the pool, call us Mama and Daddy, laughingly giggle when we find just the right tickle spot – witnessing precisely, uniquely who God has made you to be.

My sweet, observant, gonna wait until you’ve got it figured out just so, baby girl. You are loved, loved, loved. You are a delight. Happiest of birthdays, Ansley Goose! Love, Mama.